Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On the Run – Another Exciting Week in Ministry!


Just got back from a great conference in Toledo, Ohio at Cornerstone Church with Pastors Michael and Kathi Pitts. I had a great time! I got to hear Bishop Eddie Long on Monday night and Paula White last night. I was totally blown away by the worship and the Word. What a great church – what a great conference! These two sessions were life-changing for me.

I just got off a flight this morning to go into three full days of Dr. Neil Anderson being here to speak in person. We have used his books “Victory Over the Darkness,” “Bondage Breaker,” and “Freedom in Christ” for years. Dr. Anderson is here to personally take the girls through the steps to freedom in Christ as he leads two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions today through Friday. Please be praying for our girls as they go through this awesome time of personal ministry. We thank God for the wonderful men and women of God that He sends to us – He always sends the best!!!


Dawn Vaculik said...

It was great having you here again at Cornerstone, much love to you and the Mercy girls-