Friday, October 16, 2009

Awesome Testimony – Check it out!!

Hey Everybody!

I hope you have had a great week! My week has been very busy but also very good. I just received this email from Steve Gambill, Founder of the major youth conference in Europe called RockNations. I was privileged to be one of the guest speakers at this week-long conference held in Bradford, England in August. Steve forwarded to me an email that he received from one of the conference attendees, and I wanted to share it with you. It really encouraged me greatly. In case you’ve forgotten about that conference, here is a link to the blog I did earlier about it so you can look at some of the pictures that were previously posted - . Have a great weekend!!

Dear Pastor Steve,

Hi, my name is Rosie, I'm 17, and I run the Christian Union at my school, Devonport High, for girls in Plymouth. I came to RockNations this year for the first time after going to other conferences in the years before. I am sending you this email to encourage and thank you, as God is doing amazing things down here in Devon. I want to thank you for choosing Nancy Alcorn to speak at this year's RockNations Conference. All the speakers were truly inspiring and I took loads away from each talk, but God really spoke to me through the topics that Nancy spoke about. It was during her first evening that I was inspired for an assembly topic at our school. So, today, myself and 7 other Christians preached the message of Mercy and God's incredible and unending love to our entire school!

We've done assemblies before, but we've never felt the presence of God like we did at this one! Since the assembly, we've had girls praying for their teachers. We've also had girls who wouldn't say boo to a goose getting up on stage in front of 400 people and proclaiming the gospel! Nothing can stop us, and I have you guys at RockNations to thank because had I not gone this year, I may never have heard from God through Nancy’s teaching on mercy, and 850 girls would never have heard the message we preached today! I'm believing for changed lives because nothing is impossible with God, and He can do more than I can possibly ask or imagine!

This is my last year at my school, and I'm more excited than ever because I've taken advice from Nancy. I'm being the change I want to see! I'm praying for girls who have had miscarriages and who have been hurt and misused by so many men. I'm praying for revival in my school, and seeing girls who thought they were nothing realizing they are something incredible because of God! I try as hard as I can to live by example, and sometimes I do get it wrong, but by God's grace, I get up and start again! I have not written this email to boast about achievements, as everything that's occurred and is going to occur, is because of God, not us, and all glory, praise and Honour goes to him! Thanks for the stirring up of enthusiasm for God that you're encouraging in this nation. Abundant Life and RockNations is incredible, and I just wanted to let you know what an impact God is having in the UK through your ministry! I will continue to email you to let you know of the incredible miracles that God has done in our school! Thanks for all of your wisdom and enthusiasm for young people.

Keep being amazing :)

Many thanks and Prayers,



Ali Davis said...

wow. this girls and her friends are going to be life-changers!! keep doing what you're doing, nancy!! you're making a difference! love ya!