Thursday, January 28, 2010

Graduate and her Family Give Back in A Very Special Way!!

We just received the coolest letter from the parents of 2006 Mercy graduate Bethany along with a generous donation. Since graduating from the program, Bethany enrolled in Texas A&M, and has been there since 2006 majoring in veterinary medicine. She has gone on several mission trips, and has continued to keep in close touch with us. The last time I got to see Bethany was at a fundraising event for Mercy in the Dallas area. She had volunteered to tell her story at this event, and she brought her boyfriend whom she had been dating for over a year. Since that time, they have gotten engaged and are getting married this summer.

Me pictured with Bethany and her soon to be husband Beau
at a Friends of Mercy event in Dallas this past November

Bethany is currently in South Africa on a mission’s trip. This letter from her parents totally made my day, and I wanted you to be able to read it in their own words:

Dear Nancy and Mercy Staff,

Bethany will be graduating from Texas A&M Veterinary School of Medicine on May 13, 2010. She is also getting married on June 5, 2010. We praise God that because of Mercy Ministries, she has been able to reach these two milestones!

We had a “wedding marathon” this past week while she and Beau were here to get as much done toward wedding planning that we could before she left for her six week externship in South Africa. We discussed the option of donating to a cause of Bethany’s choice rather than purchasing wedding favors that are often left at the reception. She chose Mercy Ministries and said, “Mercy saved this life!”

So in honor and appreciation of Beau and Bethany’s wedding guests, we are making a contribution to Mercy Ministries. It is our hope that other girls suffering from eating disorders, addictions and abuse may find hope, healing and restoration like Bethany did. May they too be able to attain their goals and see dreams come true.

With Love and Gratitude,

Craig and Judy

Craig and Judy also asked that we be praying for Bethany while she is in South Africa for her safety and health, and for lives to be touched through her. We are SO proud of Bethany and all that she has allowed God to do in and through her life.