Friday, January 15, 2010

Graduate Gives Back in a Special Way!!

Mary Ellen came to Mercy in 2003 when she was just 14 years old. Her doctors had told her she would never be able to get over her eating disorder and that she would probably die. Not only is she alive and well today, but she made it through the program at Mercy in 4 months and graduated with a totally transformed life.

She is currently a sophomore at Abilene Christian University where she is majoring in Elementary Education and is a Christian leader on her campus. She plans to do an internship here at Mercy this summer.

We were so excited to receive a package from her in the mail today with the following note:
Dear Nancy,

First and foremost, I'm so excited about the New Year for Mercy and the staff! I wanted to send you a little something and wish you a Happy New Year filled with new blessings and revelation! I did a painting this summer and decided to make cards out of it. I named it, "A Joyous Heart"- this is a representation of my heart and how the joy of the Lord is my day-to-day strength. I am selling these cards all around Abilene to friends, family, and in stores. I am going to send half of the proceeds to Mercy because it is due to this ministry that my heart radiates this kind of joy!

Nancy, I am thrilled about interning at Mercy this summer and am preparing my heart for even a greater joy! I love you!

-Mary Ellen Alexander
We are so proud of Mary Ellen and all that God has done and is continuing to do in and through her life! We thought these cards were so awesome. If you are interested in knowing how to order some of these beautiful cards for yourself, you can send an email to I hope you have a great weekend!

Much love to all,