Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2003 Graduate and Her Beautiful Family

I just got an update from one of our graduates from 2003. When she came to Mercy, her life was a mess. She had a severe eating disorder, had experienced lots of abuse and was suicidal. While at Mercy, her life was completely turned around. It’s hard to believe it has been almost seven years since she graduated. Since that time, she met a wonderful guy who she is now married to and they have three beautiful children. I just got an update from her and wanted to share it with you:
We are all doing well. Our family is in a joyful season. Lots of fun, laughs and good times. Manning will be turning 3 this month (crazy to me that he is already this old!). He is fun-loving, sweet, silly and just all around great! He loves wrestling with Daddy. He loves cuddling with Mommy. Overall, he’s easy-going and wants to do as he’s asked.

Tapestry will be 2 in May. She is FUNNY, cute, loveable, and makes the greatest faces ever! She keeps anyone in her presence entertained by the sheer nature of just being herself. She’s just overall really cute! And different from her big brother- she doesn’t mind bending the rules a bit and doing things her own way. You all know she takes after her Daddy on that, right?! (Haha!)

Cherish is an absolute beauty! Seriously A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! She is happy, smiley, and a jewel. She’s a little joy-bringer. She’s 4 months old. She cries a little, smiles a lot, laughs, rolls from her back to her tummy and loves to cuddle. She likes for Mommy to wear her in slings and wraps, which is great because I do so a lot! This gives me sweet time with her while being able to play with and take care of her big sis and bro. She loves watching Manning and Tapestry. She loves playing her little baby toys. A true delight!

Ryan and I are excited. God is refreshing us in new ways. He is stirring deep within both of us. We love Him! Ryan’s plumbing business is still going well overall, and we are very thankful!!


Kristin and the Fam
I never get tired of hearing about these beautiful girls who have overcome so much in their lives. I continue to call them my HEROES. I want to say a special thank you to all of our supporters, but especially those of you who were supporting us in the year 2003, because this is one of the many lives you helped to turn from death to life!