Friday, March 19, 2010

Miracle in the Making!

When Crystal came to Mercy in 2005, she was battling for her life. Having struggled with a severe eating disorder for 8 years, past sexual abuse and self-harm, Crystal was desperate for freedom. While at Mercy, she found her healing and value in Christ, and today she is walking in complete freedom! After graduating from Louisiana Tech University in 2006 with her BS in Nutrition and Dietetics, she went on to work at St. Francis Medical Center as a Registered Dietician and Licensed Nutritionist. In 2009, we at Mercy were so blessed to have Crystal join our staff in Monroe as our Fitness and Nutrition Manager! She now has also received her Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics. I just received an update from Crystal with some very exciting news and wanted to share it with you...


I just wanted to share some amazing news with you. Sunday, my husband and I found out we are having our first baby, which is a miracle. I am due November 24th. It is truly a miracle because in the past doctors have told me I may not be able to conceive or have a child due to my tilted uterus and all that my body had been through from an 8 year battle with a severe eating disorder. I am so amazed!!! God has truly brought me full circle.

My husband is amazing as well. I used to say that I would never take any man’s last name due to all that I had gone through, but through the healing power and love of Christ, my heart and life were changed and I met my wonderful husband over 3 years ago. He loves me and honors me and is such a godly man. He is also in the ministry working with youth and has the most amazing heart I’ve ever seen in a man. I truly cannot believe my life; I am so overwhelmed with God’s love, favor, and goodness! I am so grateful and blessed that God has used you and Mercy in such an amazing way in my life and now I get the privilege of giving back by working here at Mercy in Monroe and allowing God to work through me and pour out all He has poured into me. What an honor! I am so overwhelmed with His goodness and restorative power! Just wanted to share. :) I pray blessings, favor, strength and wisdom for you!

I am always amazed at how God can take a broken and messed up past and turn it around for His glory. Crystal has a restored life because of the love and power of Christ, and every day she gets to share that love with others. I am so proud of her and celebrate this new season of her life with her. I hope Crystal’s testimony encourages you and reminds you that God is truly our Healer and Redeemer! Nothing is impossible with Him! Have a great weekend!




autumn howe said...

I was privileged to get to know Crystal at a Joyce Meyer conference. She is an amazing and strong woman of God. She blessed me with her wisdom and presence! How encouraging to see how God has worked to bring her life "full circle." Congratulations Crystal!