Friday, September 10, 2010

United Kingdom Mercy Doubling its Size!!!

Sometimes ugly pictures are beautiful. Obviously, it’s sort of like when God is rebuilding a person’s life – sometimes things seem worse before they get better, but we know the finished product is going to be amazing! That God who started the good work in us will always complete it. Why do I share that and what does it have to do with these pictures? Well let me tell you… The good work that God is doing in each and every one of our Mercy girls is a process. Likewise, these pictures represent the beginning stages of our capacity in the United Kingdom for Mercy residents being doubled. This is such an exciting time, and we wanted you to see what this process looks like. The builders are having to dig deep to ensure a strong foundation, much like God has to dig deep in the hearts and lives of our girls to ensure that their foundation is strong and can be built upon so it can last. God is the master builder and we are the home that He chooses as His habitation. I thought this was a cool correlation – hope you catch my drift! Have a great weekend!


~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

Wow! That's Awesome!

~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

btw, i love the new look of your blog.