Friday, September 3, 2010

Check Out Pictures and Details of Mercy Baptism Service – 22 Girls!!!

Tuesday night in an awesome demonstration of the healing and transformation that takes place at Mercy Ministries, 22 young women from our California home were baptized! The special baptism service and dinner were held at the home of Buzz Oates, long time supporter of Mercy Ministries. Buzz, a commercial real-estate developer from the Sacramento area, gave $2.5 million and the land for the building of the Lincoln home through the Buzz Oates Charitable Foundation.

It was an incredible night of celebration and praise for the lives changed as well as a time for the girls to show their gratitude to some of the California home’s biggest supporters. One of the residents, after being baptized, walked straight to Buzz Oates and said, “Thank you for helping to save my life.”

Greg and Kathy Fairrington, pastors of Sunset Christian Center and daughter and son-in-law of Buzz Oates were there as well as Lou Engle, Founder of The Call. Click here to see highlights from the baptism and hear straight from the heart of Buzz Oates.

Pastors of Sunset Christian Center, Greg and Kathy Fairrington

All 40 Mercy residents and staff enjoy the evening!

Very honored guest, Lou Engle, Founder of The Call, prays over Mercy residents and guests.

One of the Mercy girls being baptized by Program Director, Cheryl Bangs, and Pastor Greg Fairrington

With the help of faithful supporters who are the lifeline of Mercy Ministries, we are able to give hurting young women the help they so desperately need. However, there are still room sponsorships available for the California home as well as much needed support for our current operations! If you are interested in knowing what needs still exist or would like to sponsor a room, contact Kaci Davis, Community Relations Manager at Thank you!!!!


C. said...

"Hell is being depopulated!" Amen!

Wow,this is quite moving. So amazing to watch all that God is dong through Mercy. In awe...

Yvonne Green said...

Glory to God

Iris said...

Praise GOD!!

Kristin Stegent said...

So awesome!

This brought back memories of me being baptized at the TN Titans coaches house. Amazing day I won't forget! :D

Love the new look of your blog. Looks really nice, clean and "Mercy like"! :)

Laura said...

It's great ya'll had that many girls to be baptized.

I wish I had known about your program when my daughter was cutting, but I managed to pull her through & now she is 20 & wanting to be a youth minister, so she can help other teens like her.

Ali Davis said...

this made me weep. i am still amazed by what God does with Mercy, six years after i walked through the doors in louisiana. our heartbeat DOES allow us to know we're alive and that God is alive within us. when we're so focused on ourselves, it's hard to remember that. i recently got re-baptized with my church (since graduating from TN last may) and it meant so much more this time.