Monday, September 27, 2010

You Should Buy Lisa Bevere’s New Book!

Every chick on the planet should read Lisa Bevere’s new book “Lioness Arising!” It was my great joy to read this book ahead of time, and I want to share with you my endorsement of this book…

“Every female on the planet should read this God-inspired message – a wake-up call for women to rise up and challenge the status quo! Lisa reminds us that we as women are at our best when we lay aside our differences and work together to bring solutions to the world’s problems.” -- Nancy Alcorn

This is what others are saying about Lisa’s book as well…

“Lioness Arising will cause you to see the awesome strength and beauty that God has given every woman. It will stir up the lioness heart in you and inspire you to rise above the daily grind of life and serve God with a renewed passion.” -- Joyce Meyer

“Lisa Bevere not only inspires us with roaring truths but also lives the life of a lioness. She is a committed Christian, a strong wife, a fearless mother, a bold speaker, and an extraordinary writer. Lioness Arising will inspire you to fulfill your God-purposed role in establishing God’s kingdom on earth. It is one of the most stirring books we have ever read.” -- James and Betty Robison

“Lioness Arising will help you to awaken the seeds of greatness God has placed inside you. Lisa’s passion to empower others will help you discover your value, purpose, and the amazing gifts you have to offer the world around you.” -- Victoria Osteen

“Hope will arise as you catch a glimpse of what could happen if every woman was fully awake in her moment in history. Read this book and awaken the lioness in you!” -- Charlotte Gambill

“Lioness Arising shows Lisa Bevere’s God-given ability to shed light on spiritual principles as she shapes a world where women rise up as the fierce and beautiful lionesses they were created to be.” -- Christine Caine

Me pictured with Lisa Bevere and Charlotte Gambill