Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet One of My Heroes…

I am continually amazed at the courage of the young women who walk through the doors of Mercy Ministries so desperate and broken. I call them my heroes and if you need to know why, check out this “straight from the heart” life story of one such woman who represents hundreds and even thousands. Not only is she sharing with me her life story, but she has given me permission to share it with you! God is blessing her beyond her wildest dreams, as I have included a picture of her and her husband on their very special wedding day. YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!!

Dear Nancy,

I was a resident at the Nashville home; I graduated in December 2007. I am writing both to thank you for following the Lord into the ministry of repairing broken lives…and to give you an update on what I’ve been doing.

Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for me! Looking back, I would simply describe your ministry and home as a vessel of God’s love. It was a vessel empty of the things of the world, but so full of the riches of God. There is no way I would be alive, praising the Lord today if it was not for Mercy Ministries. I struggled with a severe eating disorder, self-mutilation, and depression; consequently, I had attempted suicide multiple times. By age fifteen, I had been to all the professionals to try and find solutions: doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, group therapy sessions, and even a trip to the mental hospital. During my stay at the hospital, I was labeled by my issues and told that I would be back again. I was sedated and received the same messages from the doctors, some family, and friends... that there was no hope and I would struggle my whole life. I said to myself, “What is the point in living if I am just going to be in and out of the mental hospital my whole life. Why go through this? No one can help me.” I didn’t believe in God nor have any desire to.

Anyway, I received the Lord at Mercy and my life began to turn around. Through the words of the Lord, counseling, and continuous unconditional love, I was set free. The Spirit of God released me from the chains of bondage. I no longer struggle with an eating disorder, self-mutilation, or depression, but I choose to rest in the arms of my Savior. I’ve been redeemed and so has my family. I now clearly see why the Lord brought me through the things He did: to bring glory to Himself.

So…I just got married. This relationship came as a total surprise to me. I thought God would bring along someone in my thirties. I met him at the church I’ve belonged to since I left Mercy. We both aid in leading our youth group, and he also plays on the worship team. He works for his father’s construction company and I am currently nannying. We are both attending college online, through Liberty University and majoring in Religion and I am getting a minor in Christian Counseling. We feel that the Lord has called us to ministry, so we are in the midst of preparing while we wait for the doors to open up. It is all very exciting! I am so grateful and blessed by this ministry. We are all so thankful. Thank you for obeying the Lord.

With all my love,


I so appreciate everyone who gave so that Kerri’s life could be snatched out of death and brought into life.


Sandy and Gregg said...

Since being told about Mercy Ministries almost 10 months ago, I have followed your blog and the testimonies of multiple lives that have been touched by your ministry. I am utterly amazed at all that God does through Mercy!!!

Sandy and Gregg said...

Since learning of Mercy Ministries almost 10 months ago, I have followed your blog and read multiple testimonies of girls that have been healed and restored through Mercy! I am utterly amazed at what God does through the ministry at Mercy!!!

Ali Davis said...

kerri radiates God's beauty and redemption! i love reading these testimonies of lives taken away from satan's cold grasp!