Friday, October 22, 2010

Straight from the heart of our California Director…

My name is Cheryl Bangs. As the Program Director for Mercy Ministries in Lincoln, CA (Sacramento area), it is my great joy to be a guest writer on Nancy’s blog…

The amazing race has nothing on the AMAZING journey many of us here at Mercy Ministries in Lincoln, CA have experienced this year. We have witnessed before our very eyes lives transformed and hope restored.

Our first resident walked through the doors October 1, 2009 and since that day we have had 80 young women join us in this home. These young women are so courageous. I have great respect for them. They are some of the heroes in my world.

What a joy to observe the work of God as He restores life. He doesn’t “fix” us, He chooses to restore us. You see, to fix is to repair but to restore is to put back to our original state. He chooses to wipe away all the shame and brokenness and as we learn to hear what He says about us, our choices change. We begin to live life as a victor instead of a victim, one who steps into the inheritance God has promised. In John 10:10 Jesus says “The thief has come to rob, steal and destroy, but I have come to give you a life that is full.” It is a life of possibility and promise, one of joy and peace in the midst of struggle. God can take the mess of life and create a masterpiece. These young women become a Masterpiece as they walk life out in freedom.

It is an epic journey and the staff in Lincoln, CA is excited to be on it. We have seen firsthand the amazing work of a loving God!

Beyond Blessed!

Enjoy these pictures from our California home!


Iris said...

Amen! I like your definition of being fixed vs. being restored - so true!