Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrating with Canadian Mercy Grads!!!

Nancy with the two graduates

I thought you would love seeing the celebration that occurred at the Mercy Canada home yesterday as we honoured the newly transformed lives of our first two Canadian graduates. The Mercy house in Canada was full of people and full of joy – it was so awesome to hear from these two beautiful young ladies about how Christ has changed their lives and given them a new beginning. Both Jorgia and Sonja are very excited about their future, and both young women plan to dedicate their lives to helping other young women overcome the same issues that they themselves have overcome. It was my honour to be there to mark this first ever milestone for our newest home in Vancouver, BC.

First two Canadian graduates are all smiles

I salute John and Helen Burns for having the heart and vision to start a Mercy home in Canada, and I salute Nicola Bartel for being the great leader she is as our Executive Director and overseer of all of our staff. What a great job this staff is doing!!!

John and Helen Burns

Check out these pictures to give you an idea of the wonderful time we had yesterday as we honoured these two young women…

Nancy gives current Canadian resident, Nancy, a hug of encouragement


carly said...

Beautiful. Truly beautiful. My heart is filled with love for all of these girls.

Ali Davis said...

this is so exciting!! :D the smiles on the faces of these beautifuls girls is priceless!