Monday, February 7, 2011


There were 130 girls yesterday in four different homes in the U.S. that had an awesome time watching the Super Bowl and enjoying the creative commercials. It was a great experience and a lot of good food, laughter, as well as some healthy competition about who was going to win. Thought you might enjoy seeing pictures from the homes in Sacramento, St. Louis, Nashville, and Monroe, LA. Different people had different ideas about who the winner would actually be, but Jude had it all figured out from the very beginning. In case you have forgotten, Jude is my dog and he enjoyed being in the Nashville home. For him, it was Packers all the way. Check it out…

Sacramento Home

Monroe Home

St. Louis Home

Nashville Home

My dog Jude!

Congratulations to Aaron Rodgers and the entire Packer nation for a great season with an amazing end! Hoping my Titans will make it back at some point…


KateyKat said...

So nice to see Jude with a cheesehead! I do still have that photo of him in the Titans jersey. While I was at Mercy Nashvile I did cheer for the Titans a lot. Good to see that Jude is flexible too and that he went for my state's team this time. I miss Jude! Can give him a little extra treat today :)