Monday, February 21, 2011

Life On The Road…

Hey Everyone –

Hope you had a great weekend! The last time I blogged, I was in Toledo, OH, and the traveling has not stopped. I am currently on my way to spend time with our staff and girls in Louisiana for a few days and then on to St. Louis, MO to do the same. Although I love speaking at churches and conferences all over, my favorite thing is spending time with the current residents in all of our homes. Watching them face and overcome their issues head on is so rewarding – God is so good. They are truly my heroes!!! I will be joined by my special friends, Jane and Crystal Hamon, who will be spending time pouring into the lives of our staff and residents through the teaching of God’s Word and personal ministry to each individual. Please pray for this very special time that I believe will be life-changing for everyone, especially for our current residents in Louisiana and St. Louis.

I’ll talk more with you later. Hope everyone has a great night!


teresa said...

hey nancy - It's teresa from Power of Modesty. I'm so glad to read your blog and all that your doing for these girls and most importantly God's Kingdom.

I know a mom that needs help for her son that has ed. where do you recommend for boys?