Friday, February 18, 2011

In Toledo With CeCe Winans, Jane Hamon, Lisa Bevere, and Kathi Pitts...

The Impact Women's Conference hosted by Kathi Pitts has been one of the best ever!!! It has been my great joy to speak at this great conference alongside CeCe Winans, Jane Hamon, Lisa Bevere, and conference host, Kathi Pitts. The opening session of the conference was Wednesday evening with both morning and evening sessions yesterday and today. The closing session of the conference will be tonight featuring author and speaker, Jane Hamon, from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

For me personally, this has been one of the most fun conferences I have ever been a part of because all of the speakers are close, personal friends. We have had a great time!! Lots of tears and lots of laughter with God doing a deep work in the hearts of many.

I thought you might enjoy getting an inside look at some of the special moments we have had these last couple of days...

Nancy pictured with Kathi Pitts, Lisa Bevere, and Jane Hamon

Lisa Bevere

CeCe Winans