Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Deal or No Deal?

I wanted to introduce you to a new friend that I met while I was speaking at the God Chicks Conference out in Los Angeles. You may or may not recognize her from the attached picture, but she is actually one of the models from the television show Deal or No Deal. To be specific, her name is Alike and she is number 20. It was so great to meet her at this conference and to find out that someone from my favorite TV show is a believer!!

This just continues to remind me that although we are all from different backgrounds and different walks of life, when we are believers in Christ, we share a common bond that cannot be broken. I thought you might like to meet one of my new friends that God blessed me with in 2008. I look forward to all the new people that God will put into my life in 2009, and I hope that you are also on the lookout for the special people that God may put in your life. Don’t get so busy that you fail to recognize your divine appointments. Will talk to you again soon.