Friday, January 23, 2009

God Has A Plan For the Unplanned

Since I have been giving you a look at some of the babies that have been adopted through Mercy Ministries’ adoption agency this week, I thought I would introduce you to one more. I received a Christmas card from this couple, who 18 years ago were desperate for a child and unable to conceive. They were praying and believing God with all their hearts for a baby. It always amazes me how God can take what seems to be impossible and turn it into incredible blessing.

There was a young birth-mother who found herself pregnant and unmarried. She contemplated abortion, but in her heart she knew that was not what she wanted. She found out about a place called Mercy Ministries, where she could come and choose life. She not only chose life for her child, but she also chose life for herself. She has gone on with her life today…she is married, has other children now, and is doing very well. Her brave decision to place her baby boy for adoption was an answer to this couple’s fervent prayer. This awesome couple named their adopted son Gabriel, and I just wanted you to see what a handsome young man he has grown up to be.

At age 17, he has his whole future in front of him. This is yet another one that I have kept in touch with over the years and have been privileged to watch him grow up. His family lives in another state, but they have even visited me in Nashville and we all went to a Titans game together. I’ve also visited them in their home a number of times.

For anyone out there, and you’re facing something difficult, I hope this will encourage you that God has a plan for the unplanned, and He makes a way where there seems to be no way. Hope this encourages you. Have a great weekend!