Thursday, January 22, 2009

Generational Impact- Part 2

I want to remind you again of the picture of the babies on our property in Nashville that I showed in my blog dated Friday, January 16. A couple of days ago, you met Merri, and today I want you to meet Parker. Parker is the baby in that picture on the far right. On the same day we took that picture in 1992, another picture was made of me holding Parker – pictured here: Below is a picture of Parker when he was 12 years old. He came to visit me at my office, and I showed him the picture of me holding him as a baby. We were standing in the very building that had not yet been built when the first picture was taken. Being close to his family, I have had a privilege of watching Parker grow up. He has such a heart for God and for people. He loves sports, but he is also very kind and sensitive. He keeps in touch with me through email and on Facebook and through occasional visits.

Here is a picture of me and Parker (at age 16) at the annual Jeff Fisher Celebrity Softball Tournament that is held each year in Nashville to raise money for Mercy. I just wanted you to see what a fine young man he has grown up to be. It's hard to believe that he'll be 18 years old this year!!

The day that I met Parker’s mother, Chris, and got to talk with her heart to heart, she actually had a doctor's appointment that afternoon to get an abortion. Because of that special time, Chris chose life and Parker was allowed to be born. Chris is so grateful that she has this wonderful blessing in her life and he is the joy of his grandparents’ heart! This entire family supports Mercy to this day because they are so grateful for Parker’s life.

I hope you enjoy seeing the longevity of these relationships. As I said before about Merri, Mercy Ministries is not just impacting one generation, but generations to come.


Anonymous said...

it is awesome that God is able to work through the worst of situations and turn them into amazing blessings!