Friday, January 9, 2009

Playoff Special!...In House Rivalry – Something’s Gotta Give!!


Anonymous said...

I am happy to see that you have a blog and start following!! I have never before volunteered at Mercy but am marking my calendar for Feb 2nd. Young girls/women are where my heart is. It is hard in todays busy (and self centered) world to take time to invest in other things besides our families. I am excited to see where I can serve. Thanks and looking forward to reading your blog!!

Ali Davis said...


i'm actually a pittsburgh fan, myself (born and raised in the area), but when the titans play, i root for them! and when the titans and pittsburgh play against each other, i PRAY that the titans win, because i know how important the $10,000 is for MMoA. just don't tell my family, LOL!

love ya, nancy!

Cailee said...

Go Titans!!! I love you Nands, but I am going to have to go for the Titans!! I live in Oklahoma and I am a die- hard Texas and Oklahoma State fan, but I keep up and cheer for my Titans. I know that the money is very important for my MMOA family so I will def. be prayin that the Titans win. I LOVE Jeff, Julie, and my Titans boys!! GO TITANS!!!
P.S.I love you Nands, and Nancy and I miss yall so much!