Friday, January 16, 2009

He is Faithful!

Today in my office, I ran across this picture that was made in 1992 that I wanted to share with you. Actually, this picture is quite significant since it was made on the property that now houses our International Headquarters and our Mercy residential home in Nashville. At the time this picture was made, there was nothing but a bare piece of land. We decided to take this picture with four babies that had been born to girls that were in our Louisiana home who had given birth to children and decided to place them for adoption. You see, this was actually a faith picture. We had no buildings, but we knew that God would provide much like these couples who had no children, but knew that God would provide. These babies all represent young girls, for one reason or another, who needed a place where they could come and receive help in their time of need. Not only did they choose life for themselves, but they chose life for children. Each birthmother made the very courageous decision to place her child with a loving couple who had been believing for a baby. The cool thing about it is I know all of these children today, and they are now in their late teens, each of them serving God with all their hearts. Not only does this ministry impact the current generation, but it is also impacting generations to come.

For me personally, this picture represents so much. It represents God’s faithfulness to save lives and to change lives. It also represents God’s amazing provision that has brought forth two buildings that are furnished and debt free. These buildings are not just buildings – they are places where life-changing ministry goes on day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Having said that, this picture also represents for me how faithful God is. If you’re like me, you probably stress sometimes about how this need is going to be met and how that is going to work out, but today as I looked at this picture, I felt challenged to share it with you and remind you that the Word of God says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If He provided yesterday, then He will provide today, and He will provide tomorrow. It is time for us to simply do what the Word of God tells us to do. We need to cast our cares on Him because He cares for us. We are not the need-meeter, but He is. We are not the one who sets up divine appointments, but He is. We’re not the one who changes lives, but He is. Everything that I am believing for today that needs to happen tomorrow, I can have faith for because when I look at this picture, I see how far God has brought us. I hope today in the midst of your busy life that you will stop to think about all the times God has answered prayers and remember that if God did it for you then, He will do it for you now.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Supa Sparks said...

Thanks for sharing Nancy! I think it would be so cool to get all those babies (now grown up!) together for another picture! May God continue to bless and provide at Mercy.

BrittanyHope said...

Thannk you so much for sharing this. It honestly was a reminder that God will provide, something that I was starting to worry about today but this was an answer to prayers. Thank you Nancy!

Michelle :) said...

love the blog- what precious lives, and how cool that they are all walking with God. thanks for the encouragement!