Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Investing in Future Generations

I am in Sacramento today and just attended a luncheon with local pastors and leaders at our beautiful new facilities in Lincoln. A few of the pastors have agreed to put us in their mission’s budget, and several are considering paying for the furnishings of at least one room. Our goal is to have this home open sometime this summer. The new facility has 23,000 square feet, and will house 40 more girls and additional office space for our new West Coast staff. Two of our former graduates from the Northern California came and shared their personal stories with our guests, and it made us all so excited about the countless numbers of girls who will walk through those doors in the months and years to come to receive new life in Christ! Speaking of former residents, today I wanted to share with you an encouraging letter I received from Amber, who graduated from the Nashville home in April 2005, exactly four years ago…

Dear Nancy and Mercy Staff,

Hi, I hope you are all doing well and in good health! Recently, I noticed that I was mentioning Mercy Ministries quite often in my discussions. It has caused me to reflect on how much Mercy means to me and the specific things I learned during my tine there that have changed my life. Normally, I simply send a check, but this time I wanted to give you an update because it has been a while now since I graduated (April 2005).

I recently moved to Boise, ID after living in Monterey, CA for 6 months and before then, I was in Olympia, WA for three years attending Bible College. I am currently living with my parents, which is going really well, and pursuing some career options. I am looking into Esthetics.

I have been able to have some really good talks with my parents (I haven’t lived near them for a long time). When I tell them about things I have learned or what has helped me these past several years, it almost always tends to be from my time at Mercy. Some specific things I learned were that healing and freedom came when I began to focus on my relationship with God and not my problems. I had to quit talking about and focusing so much on them. I also learned that I HAD to take action in changing my THINKING or I was never going to change or experience lasting freedom. It was also the first time the WORD ever really became a live to me…even though I had been to Bible school for three years before then.

Now when struggles and down times come, I always find myself going back to the foundational principles and tools that Mercy taught me so that I can get back onto the path I want to be on. Giving myself grace when I fail, changing my thought patterns, and knowing that I can be free and not in bondage to the “issues” that the devil uses to take us down. It’s hard, but once I take action, the chains slowly fall off again, and I start to gain my freedom back again.

I’ve told my parents again and again that if it wasn’t for Mercy Ministries, I don’t know what I’d have done. I don’t’ know what would have become of me by now. I was a complete mess and could not have made it without going to Mercy for help. So basically, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. For teaching what you do and helping to change so many lives through the power of Jesus Christ. Thanks so much! I pray right now that God would bless Mercy ministries as a whole, all the people involved including sponsors, and that you will continue to grow and grow! Love you all. In Jesus’ wonderful Name. May we TRUST Him for all we need and have no fear.


Not only is Amber an amazing example of what God is doing in transforming the lives of these young girls, but she is also a monthly partner with Mercy! Her own life was changed because she was able to come free of charge, and now she is investing in the lives of those young girls who are coming today to get the same help that she herself received in the past. If you are reading this and you want to make an investment in future generations, please consider becoming a monthly partner with us today – we need your help!! There are many more Ambers out there waiting to be reached. Together we can make a great difference.



Ali Davis said...

the california home looks GORGEOUS! thanks for sharing amber's letter! she loooks so incredibly happy and she's glowing in the picture you posted. i am praying that the california home opens this summer! love ya, nancy!!

I'm still Jenny From The Block said...

Absolutely exciting! I will be following and praying for the launch of Mercy in Sacramento.

I'm a friend of Amber Whetsone's and just heard about the incredible things happening in Nashville, Praise God! Thanks for pursuing the vision God put in your heart so that freedom is extended to future generations of women world changers!