Monday, April 13, 2009

On the Road Again…

I decided to do more of a relational blog today to tell everyone what’s going on in my life. I just spent an amazing week at the Watchman Intercessors prayer conference at Christian International near Panama City, Florida. There were a total of five of us from Mercy who went. We got to hear Bishop Bill Hamon speak as well as Pastors Tom and Jane Hamon, Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs, Barbara Yoder, and Chuck Pierce. It was such a powerful time! It is so very important to learn all we can about how to pray for people, and for our nation.

I got back just in time to do some laundry and leave again! I am now in route to a great church in Hobbs, New Mexico – Choose Life Church with Pastors Dean and Kathy Shropshire ( They have been great partners with Mercy Ministries for years helping us do all that we do, but this will be my first visit to their church. I am so excited! After speaking tonight, I will head out tomorrow morning for Sacramento, California for a few meetings there. We will be opening our new facilities in that area sometime this summer, which means 40 more girls off of our waiting list – very exciting!!

Please pray for the services tonight, that God will speak through me the message that He wants me to impart.

Also pray for my dog Jude. He was very sad that I was leaving again. He actually kind of gave me the cold shoulder when I was leaving. So, today’s prayer focus will be for my dog JudeI’m starting to understand you cat people because cats don’t actually care when you leave – ha! By the way, for all you cat people, there’s a reason why dog is God spelled backwards! Have a great day!!



KateyKat said...

Good luck and God bless you Nancy! I would be so flustered with so much travel. But I am sure it is rewarding too.
Jude was like that (cold shoulder when leaving) back in 2000 too when I was at Mercy. He was such a baby..and everyone knew he was your favorite. Should post that picture of him with his Titans football jersey :) Old picture but a classic.

Ali Davis said...

i'll bet you felt HORRIBLE leaving jude behind again! poor old guy! i was only in nashville a week in march, but i kinda got attached to the old fella! he reminded me a lot of joshua, personality wise, so i think that's why... i miss josh... have a blast in new mexico!! LOVE YA!!

Tamara said...

I'm praying for Munchkin! I got to see him last week while you were away! 3 days in a row! And by the third day when I was leaving for good, I think he knew. But nothing compared to you leaving him. What a great dog! Love you and love Jude!

katefites said...

haha, that picture of Jude looks familiar! ;) you'll be happy to know that I got a new camera for my birthday, so I'll be able to get even better pictures of your baby this summer! :) love you, Nancy! And you too, Juders!

Yvonne said...

The home may house 40 or more girls but once again but when I think of thousands of girls will come through that home. The best part of it is God is paving the Road. They will find God they will leave changed and Mercy does triump.