Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Real Hope in Today’s World by Christine Caine

What an honour to write a guest blog for a great friend and amazing ministry. For anyone that knows Nancy and I, we are known as Thunder from Downunder (that would be me the Australian) and lightening from up over (that would be Nancy the American) and when we get together, we create a perfect storm!

As I travel the world and see the plight of humanity, I note above all else the absence of hope. People are despondant, without a sense of purpose, future or destiny. Hopeleness permeates the media, politics, arts, finances and society at large.

I am so grateful that the scripture teaches us that no matter what is happening around us, it is what is in us that matters and that Jesus is this hope we have as an anchor for our soul both firm and secure. We live according to a different pattern and paradigm and so in the midst of uncertainty, we can hold on to the certainty of Jesus.

Here are some things I have always done and continue to do no matter what is happening around me:

1 Stay Focused on Jesus (Heb
2 Draw near to Jesus (Heb 10:22)
3. Hold fast to the CONFESSION of our hope (Heb 10:23)
4 Stay Confident in Christ (Heb 10:35)
5. Pray (James 5:16)
6. Listen to the right voices (Rom 10:17)
7. Remember Gods faithfulness thus far (Josh 4:7)
8. Remain Steadfast (1 Cor 15:58)
9. Remain Generous (Prov 11:24-25)
10. Be Thankful (1 Thess 5:18)

These Top 10 Tips will help keep you focused on the import
ant things and keep you doing the right things. We need to cling to the hope that Jesus gives us.

I thank God for Mercy Ministries who always brings the Hope of Jesus into the most adverse circumstances. Because of Mercy, so many young women who would have given up on life are given renewed faith, HOPE and love. It is the message of the Gospel.

Have a HO
PE FILLED day today
Love, Chris xox

To learn more about Chris Caine and to hear her amazing testimony, click here. To learn more about the incredible work Chris and her husband Nick are doing all over the world, visit their brand new and updated website at


Britney said...

Amen! Being and Daughter of God rocks! We know that we are just lent to earth and can focus on being ALL about our Fathers business... because we have a Father who will always takes care of our needs! We might as well put our energy into believing God and standing on His Word and watch what God can do with someone who is radically obedient and a fierce believer! We must be determined to not live below the potential God has placed in us as children of God!