Friday, April 10, 2009

Another Mercy Ministries Graduate Prepared for the Mission Field

I just received a note and a college graduation announcement from a girl who graduated from the Mercy Ministries program in 2004, 5 years ago. In May she will be graduating from Bible college on Saturday, May 9th with a BA in Biblical Studies, Magna Cum Laude. Her story is a must read - I can't improve on it with my words...

Dear Nancy,

I wanted to send you my college graduation announcement. Not that I expect you to be there, but just for you to know that I am grateful for your support and love throughout the years. The whole thought of graduating college was only a dream. In six weeks, it will be a reality. Not only that, but a few months ago, I sat before a board and passed an interview to become a licensed Four Square Minister. I never would have guessed that I would be Reverend Kiyomi. God sure does have us on an interesting journey full of surprises. It can be a challenging journey, but ever so worth it.

I’m praying that by September, I will be back on the mission field with YWAM. I hope to go to Ukraine to do a few more counseling schools with YWAM. After that, I want to take all of these skills to Southeast Asia and help those girls who have been victims of sex-trafficking.

I hope that things are going well there. May His presence be near to you. Thanks for loving those who are broken.

- Kiyomi

God is truly raising up champions to reach their generation and beyond. Hope Kiyomi's story is a reminder of the transformation power found only in Jesus Christ. Hope you have a great weekend and a very a Happy Easter!


Kristin Stegent said...

Kiyomi! One of my closest mercy friends. I love that girl!