Monday, April 6, 2009

New York Mets Opening Day!!

I just got back from Phoenix, Arizona yesterday afternoon after speaking in a wonderful conference at Living Word Bible Church. Today, I am in St. Louis at the Mercy home hosting an event for NCAA basketball coaches that are in town for the Final Four, and also various staff representatives from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to share the vision of Mercy Ministries with people who are in touch with young women everyday who struggle with the issues we deal with. This is a very exciting time for the sports world as well, since we will know at the end of the evening tomorrow who the National Champion will be.

Speaking of sports, today is the opening day of the New York Mets baseball team. Even as I am writing to you, they have just started their first game of the season, a road game against the Cincinnati Reds. It is my great joy to tell you that I am a huge New York Mets fan because of their Manager and leader, Jerry Manuel. Jerry and his wife, Renette, are not only monthly partners with Mercy Ministries, but they also recently sponsored the furnishings for a room in our new California home. I had the wonderful privilege of being with Jerry and Renette at one of the games in the last series they played on their old field. The picture you see was taken that weekend in late September last year.

I am so excited for the Mets this year, as I believe they are positioned to have an amazing season. Just wanted to introduce you to one of our monthly partners and his amazing wife, Renette. They are very special people in our life! Go Mets!!