Friday, August 28, 2009

Dr. John Townsend Speaks at Mercy Ministries Headquarters! (Co-Author of Boundaries, Safe People, etc.)

Yesterday we got to hear what I consider one of the world’s leading psychologists and family therapists, Dr. John Townsend. For years, our counselors at Mercy Ministries have received training from the quality materials provided by Dr. Townsend and his business partner, Dr. Henry Cloud, also a leading clinical psychologist and author. Dr. Townsend has helped countless people in many arenas of life with his unique blend of wisdom, humor, care, and spirituality. He offers keen insights on all aspects of relationship – family, marriage, parenting, dating, and personal growth – and he connects with his audience in a very personal way.

We definitely experienced that yesterday when he was with us in person. We continue to be blown away by the quality of people that God sends to us. Our Mercy counselors, many of which are Master’s level and highly trained and experienced, have for years been able to sharpen their skills through these two world-renown clinical psychologists. For those of you who want to greatly improve your relationships, we highly recommend you check out the books Boundaries and Safe People. Even for those who do not consider themselves to be Christians, these books will undoubtedly help you regardless of your religious beliefs or personal convictions. I have included Dr. Townsend’s websites so that you can check out his multiple resources – or I’ve never found anyone better than these two when it comes to issues related to relationships, family, raising children, etc.

Thanks, Dr. Townsend, for taking time to be with us. We look forward to your next visit, either in Nashville or one of our other centers in the US and beyond.

Dr. Townsend and his literary agent Sealy Yates getting to see
our Titans’ break room during a tour of our corporate office building

Dr. Townsend and Sealy Yates getting to see a girl’s bedroom in our Nashville home


~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

I love Cloud and Townsend's books. They are awesome! How awesome it is that the girls were blessed by him coming and speaking. I know they were blessed by it. I've been so blessed by their books.