Monday, August 17, 2009

Mercy Ministries Graduate Serving in Korea

Hey Everyone,

I just received yet another amazing update from a Mercy graduate of two years ago. I am so inspired by the courage of these young women!! Thanks be to God for another transformed life that He is using to help others.


Two years ago I was in the hospital because I had let my eating disorder and self-harm struggles control me. In November of that year, I entered Mercy Ministries for what would become a life-giving and life-changing experience. Less than a year and two months after graduating from the Mercy program, I find myself sitting in my own studio apartment half way across the world. Literally! I am in South Korea and I will be here for the next year. God has blessed me with the privilege of teaching English to Korean children as part of an intensive English submersion camp.

Wow – to think from where the Lord brought me. While in the midst of my struggles, I was not considered stable enough for travel, safe enough for my own housing, or strong enough to lead those around me. Even still, the Lord worked miracles in my life and here I am today. Alive, well, and serving him in a country 24-hour travel distance and thirteen-hour time-zone difference from my home. Isn’t God so good?



Renee with her students working on an art project!

Renee pictured with her students


Iris said...

What a great testimony from Renee! My family is from Korea. :)

Lily said...

Wow, Renee... I relate a lot to your story! And not only that, but before I was married, I had the longtime goal of someday serving as an English teacher in France! :) What a great story! Keep up the faith and hope. :)