Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update on My Trip to Paris!

I just returned from Paris, France last night, and have had a very busy day of ministry/business today. I thought you might enjoy meeting the pastors of Charisma church, which is the largest church in France with approximately 10,000 members. In addition to the main church of Charisma, they have also planted over 100 other churches in the nation of France. The pastors of this great church are Pastors Pedro and Natalie Nuno (pictured below).

I am so amazed and so blessed to see their great leadership and the fruit of their labor all of these years. Each service was packed out with several overflow rooms. We did a total of four services, and it was so great to be back there and see the growth since my first time of speaking there four years ago this month.

Speaking of four years ago, I was approached by a nice looking young man after the last service on Sunday to let me know that when I was there four years ago, that he was there as a visitor and when I gave the altar call, he came up and asked Jesus into his heart. Now four years later, he’s serving in the church and living strong for the Lord. He wanted to say thank you. I thought it’d be cool if I showed you a picture of him (pictured below).

We were blessed beyond words by the awesome people in this great church. I thought you might enjoy seeing the ones who took care of us while we were there. Two of my staff went with me, and we had such a great time with those who were assigned to care for us during our stay.

pictured left to right – Nandi, Wendy (one of our hosts),
Cassidy, Me, and Patricia (one of our hosts)

I was accompanied on this trip by my Executive Assistant, Cassidy Carlgren, and our Fitness Manager, Nandi Pryce.

Me, Cassidy, and Nandi pictured with our driver

Nandi actually played soccer while she was in college at UCLA and then was a part of the USA national team that won a gold medal. France is such a soccer nation that when the pastor found out that she was on the USA team and had actually played in France at the national stadium, he brought her up at every service to share with the people. Here she is speaking and sharing about her experience through Pastor Natalie, our interpreter.

Last of all, we had the great joy of staying an extra day so we could actually sightsee and shop a bit in this great city. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of our pictures from this time as well. See slideshow below for additional pictures from all four services.


Lily said...

I'm so ridiculously envious that you were able to serve in France. What an amazing opportunity and experience I'm sure you had there. La france me manque trop!