Monday, November 9, 2009

Sacramento Home Grand Opening – A Picture Paints a Thousand Words!!

People say that a picture paints a thousand words…is that really true? I hope it is in this case because I am actually boarding a flight home from Sacramento after an amazing weekend at our dedication and ribbon cutting for our new home there! I have more than a thousand words to say about how awesome it was, but I don’t have that much time, so I think I’ll have to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Pastors Greg and Kathy Fairrington of Sunset Christian Center welcoming guests

Recording Artists Austins Bridge performing at Grand Opening

Holly Wagner, Co-Pastor of Oasis Christian Center in L.A. and
Founder of God Chicks speaking at Grand Opening

Ken Mansfield, former President of Apple Records

I will tell you that we had close to 1,000 people walk through the home this weekend, including those who attended the dedication ceremony on Saturday and those who attended the open house on Sunday. I also had an excellent time speaking at Sunset Christian Center for the two Sunday morning services along with special music by Austins Bridge. I hope you enjoy these pictures – will share more later about the events of this amazing weekend.

Mercy Graduate Ashleigh sharing her testimony

Official Ribbon Cutting with Buzz Oates and Family

Mercy California girls at the Grand Opening Ceremony

Jerry Manuel, Manager of the New York Mets, and his wife
Renette sharing at the Grand Opening

Buzz Oats and I entering the home!

Guests entering the home after the ceremony for tours

Guests enjoying a reception after the ceremony

Mercy graduates Lauren, Britney, and Rachel


Krista said...

All I have too say is that I am so grateful to Mercy and to God for saving my life and those are one huge pair of scissors!!

Krista :)

Kim Hembry said...

Wow! Nancy, this is incredible! I am so overjoyed for how God is growing His ministry through you. I am continually blown away by His divine favor!

The home is beautiful, but even more beautiful are the lives that enter and the transformations that exit!

Praise God for His unending FAITHFULNESS!

Love you, Nancy!

Yvonne Green said...

So thankful for what God is doing. Then again that is the best part. Its God who orders the steps, its God who places everyone and its God's word that sets a person free.
Glory to God.
Thanking God in advance for the changed lives.

Ali Davis said...

i am continually amazed at what God is doing through you, nancy!!

did you ever think mercy ministries would be what it is now, when you went to monroe all those years ago? i know i say this a lot, but i am SO THANKFUL for your faithfulness to God's calling on your life. i am just one of hundreds of thankful mercy girls who have walked through the doors of mercy ministries! i'm praying for the funds for a new home to open, so more girls can get the freedom they deserve!

i love you, and you are in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

A thousand words? No no, more like a million! So happy this home is opened. I'm celebrating one year today of entering the Nashville home, and can't even imagine my life without Mercy now. God's done so much in one year. I can't wait to hear these girls stories and what God does is one, two, five, ten years for them, thanks to the people that faithfully support the ministry!