Wednesday, November 18, 2009

She was 14 when she came to Mercy over 6 years ago…

I just received the most awesome email from a young lady who came to Mercy when she was 14 with a severe eating disorder, and she was told by the “experts” that she went to for treatment that death was eminent. BUT GOT HAD A MUCH BIGGER PLAN!!! I love to tell her story, but it is so much better if you can hear it in her own words, and see her beautiful face, so here it is.


Where to begin? I don't even know, so first off let me just say thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and letting Him use you as a vessel. I know you already know this, but let me just reiterate that Mercy has affected my life in so many aspects...I'm still reaping many blessings because of my experience at Mercy. I also wanted to tell you that I feel like the Lord is really stirring in my soul a way to help. I would absolutely love to come and intern this summer and just help out in any way! ...A little update on my life: I'm a sophomore at Abilene Christian and majoring in elementary education. I am now 20, which sounds so old haha, I can't believe it’s been almost 6 years since I've been to Mercy. Crazy!! Life is flying by which makes me extremely anxious to be a life changer and shake up this world for the glory of the Lord while I’m here on earth. It's time!! Well I just wanted to give you a little heads up to be looking for my internship.
I love you

--Mary Ellen Alexander

Yes, you guessed it – she will definitely be doing an internship with us next summer!! Thanks again to everyone who supports this ministry. Mary Ellen’s life was saved because of it!!! Hope all is well with you.



Kelly said...

fantastic! Love to hear all that God is doing in and through Mercy. Amazing to be part of such an organisation that reaches out to the hurting and then releases them healed and whole. Our God is an AWESOME God!

Ali Davis said...

AWESOME! what a beautiful young lady!! love you, nancy!!