Friday, February 5, 2010

Special Guest in Nashville This Week!!

Yesterday, we had a special guest speaker, Bert VanderMark, an art pastor out of St. Louis, here with us in Nashville. He has been working with our St. Louis residents over the last several months, teaching them about art and how to create “visual parables” – turning the stories Jesus taught and our responses to these teachings into pieces of art. In fact, Bert made copies of the “visual parables” that the St. Louis girls did and put them together in a booklet with scriptures attached to each picture and gave them to all the St. Louis girls for Christmas.

We were so excited to have Bert here in Nashville to teach more of our Mercy girls! There was a powerful time of teaching before the residents pulled out the art supplies.

Bert shared how we are overwhelmed with visual images and messages that are contrary to the Word of God. Bert illustrated his message by passing out a popsicle stick to each resident and asking them to write a negative idea that someone had told them or that they believed about who they are. Later, they pieced the popsicle sticks together forming a cross (pictured BELOW) to symbolize how our past does not determine our future and that our true identity is found in Christ alone.

I thought you might want to see some of the girls’ artwork from yesterday. It is so cool to see the girls express themselves in such a unique way.

A big shout out to Bert for volunteering his time and resources to pour into the lives of our residents. Bert also generously donated some artwork to last year’s Afternoon of Mercy St. Louis Fundraising Event where the proceeds from the art sales were given to Mercy Ministries. For more information about Bert VanderMark, check out his website at

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Michelle :) said...

this is SO awesome! art helps heal the heart- especially when it's scripturally based!

Mandie Renee said...

i was at Mercy St. Louis the first time Bert came and he is such a great guy. i never thought i'd enjoy art or that i was artistic, but Bert really brought a joy to it and it was a huge encouragement to me and all the girls at the St. Louis home.

linds w said...

Bert is such an inspiration! He helps you better understand whatever gift you have is given by God and no matter what, whether in art OR something else, it's all because God has equipped you. I, as well, was at Mercy St. Louis when Bert came. One of the many experiences I will never forget!

Ali Davis said...

what an incredible thing for the girls to experience!! the popsicle stick cross is AMAZING!