Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Local Church Gives $65K To The Work Of Mercy…

Pastors John and Debbie Lowe of New Life Christian Church in Warsaw, IN invited me several months ago to speak at their Sunday morning service on Sunday, April 17th. What a special day it proved to be as Pastor John presented me with a check for $65,000 to be used to continue enabling us to take in young women from all 50 states free of charge. This gift was especially timely because of the great need which currently exists. I was very moved by the generosity of the individuals and leaders of this great church. This gift comes in addition to the monthly support that New Life Christian Church has given to Mercy for years and years.

We first connected with these awesome pastors 20 years ago when they were chosen by one of our Mercy birth mothers as the adoptive couple for her child. I had the privilege of seeing Brightie come into the world, and now I have the privilege of watching her grow up and even watch the ministry that she is now a part of at such a young age. Not only is Brightie a tremendous youth leader in their church, but she also plays the drums on the worship team and is currently doing an internship working with teenage girls who have life-controlling issues.

Brightie playing the drums!

Brightie is a vibrant young woman who knows who she is and understands her purpose, and Pastors John and Debbie have done an amazing job of raising her in the ways of God. She is passionate to serve and help others.

Me with Brightie!

It was also my joy to be joined by Christian artist Ayiesha Woods. It was such an honor to see her and to meet her husband, Joseph, as she and I did a conference together in the UK a couple of years ago when she was still single.

Me with Pastors John and Debbie Lowe and Ayeisha Woods and her husband, Joseph

I also had the privilege of hosting two of our Mercy graduates. One from 2007 and one who just graduated three weeks ago. They joined me on the platform and shared a bit of their stories with the people in attendance.

With graduates Bethany and Aubrey

There was also a couple there whose daughter will be graduating from Mercy this very week and another couple whose daughter just came in to the program. It was a tremendous day of blessing for all who shared it. A special thanks to Pastors John and Debbie Lowe for their amazing hearts to give to and serve others, and to give back!!!


claudiammachado said...

Nancy, Thanks for being obedient to "the call" of God in your life, because of your obedience many girls, women and families are enjoying victories and the freedom that Jesus died to pay for. Keep it up, where He calls He supplies, tha is just the way He is, Hugs
Claudia Machado, Elkhart Indiana

claudiammachado said...

Nancy, thanks for responding to "the call" of God in your life, thanks to your obedience many girls and women enjoy the freedom that Jesus died to give us. Keep it up, where He directs, He supplies, that is just the way He is. Hugs! Claudia, Elkhart, Indiana