Friday, April 8, 2011

Mercy Graduate Organizes College Campus Event – Check It Out!!!

I remember the day that Kim walked through the door totally downtrodden and brokenhearted from the devastation from her past. Used and abused from the time she was a little girl, who knew the amazing plans that God had in store for her future? Not only did Kim graduate from Mercy, but she will be graduating from college in a few weeks on May 14th. I just got this email from her describing her leadership in the organization of a Christian event on her campus which involves both faculty and students. I want you to hear what Kim is up to in her own words...

Hi Nancy,

I wanted to send you an update on what's going on in my life. Let me start off by saying that God is truly moving! The prayer of Jabez is a very powerful prayer, because I feel like my territory is truly expanding. Last month, I had the privilege of putting on my first fashion show with 15 girls from a local high school. Being given that opportunity was truly a blessing because the Lord reminded me how these kids just truly want someone to love on them and just see them. We may have started out rocky (LOL) but at the end they were just amazing!

Last month, the university choir went on a spring tour, which was great, but this month’s event that I have been working on since last year is actually coming together and will take place on April 28th and 29th. The Lord gave me a vision last year that is about unity and just bridging the gap on our campus as well as in the community. I feel like our college campuses, as well as all levels of education, are being attacked. There is something about these college campuses, where students actually live, that has the enemy just running so rampant and leaving our campuses confused, hopeless, homicidal, and suicidal. For the past few evenings, I have just found myself walking and praying over our campus, and as I am writing you, your words come to mind, which are, "God did not instruct the government to do what we were called to do as believers." I paraphrased a little, but He called us. As I walk, you would be amazed at what I see and what I hear. There are just so many masks, and it just breaks your heart, but I am thankful for the promises as well as the plans.

On April 28th I have put together a testimony dinner called "food for the soul" where students, faculty and staff will be sharing their testimonies and I am actually one of the speakers for that night. I normally don’t share my story to large crowds like this on our campus, normally I just share to certain groups, so I ask that you be in prayer. I am praying that people will see that they are not alone and that there are people here. On that Friday, we actually have some Christian poets flying in from Los Angeles, along with a live band and games and things like that to bring everyone together. There will also be a charge going forth for our leaders on campus, faculty and staff, to let them know that these positions they serve in should not be taken lightly, but are a way to help uplift and encourage the students and community – getting back to the basics and out of the mindset of just “me.” There will also be a lighting of candles towards the end where students can decide to turn from their old ways and embrace something better and more tangible; someone who won’t fail you, and that’s Jesus. I think it’s going to be really good! Our presidents and those in position are truly backing me up in ways I wouldn’t even have imagined. I just feel like heaven is opening up resources for this event! So I just wanted to share some of those things with you! Last but not least, I will be graduating from college on May 14th! I just took my senior pictures today and announcements will be out real soon.

I pray all is well with the ministry as well as yourself. I know you are pretty busy, but don’t forget to take time to rest. I am truly grateful for the things that you do, and the opportunities that you give us ladies! It may not always be on stages or podiums, but just simply answering the call when we needed you and Mercy. Because of those doors three years ago, I am now trying to open doors for others by sharing the very thing that the enemy wanted to steal from me and that was my voice and my testimony! Thank you and may God continue to bless you, open doors for you, and continue to provide, for the Lord truly loves Mercy.

God you and please tell everyone I said hello. - Kim
I think this email says it all...KIM, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!


Ali D said...

CONGRATS, KIM!! i recognize kim from one of the mercy videos, and i am so proud of how far she has come! truly a miracle of God's love, mercy and grace! GOD IS SO GOOD!!

Lindsay said...

Nancy, thank you for sharing this!I love Kim's heart! I have personally met and spent time with her... what an amazing woman of God! She is definitely empowering those around her and I am excited to see everything God continues to do in and through her!