Friday, April 22, 2011

Mercy Graduate Goes To Haiti And Gives Back…

It’s been almost a year since Kelly graduated from our Mercy program in Nashville. Already, Kelly is out there giving back to others what she herself received. It was our joy to be one of the many people that helped sponsor Kelly for a recent missions trip to serve orphan children in Haiti. It is my great joy to share with you an awesome report that Kelly just sent to me. The pictures are amazing and so are Kelly’s words…

Dear Nancy,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about my mission trip to Haiti. First of all, it was AMAZING! I was on a team with ten other people from my church and God really worked through us and in us while we were in Haiti. Every morning we did physical work alongside Haitians who live in the community we were working in. This included painting a new dorm at an orphanage, working on a farm and helping make a road so that the residents of the community can get to a new garden to get food for their families. In the afternoon, we spent time with kids at orphanages and schools.

The first morning we were at the orphanage painting and I felt so uncomfortable and unable to minister to the kids because I was unable to communicate with them due to language barriers. After I finished painting, I was standing off to the side wishing I had never decided to go to Haiti because I felt so inadequate to minister to anyone. A few minutes later a little girl named Jessica came over, grabbed me by the hand and led me over to the water pump. She then took her time pumping water and cleaning every drop of paint off of my arms, hands and even finger nails! The whole time she was doing it, she was just looking up at me and smiling. She obviously understood that words are not required to show love and taught me that valuable lesson! As soon as she was done washing my hands, a ton of other little kids gathered around and I realized that they just wanted someone to love them, play with them and hold them. That morning was my favorite time of the whole trip and I really feel like those little kids were used by God to remind me of His perfect love. I was reminded by that little 5-year-old girl that God can and will use anyone who is willing and open, despite our perceived limitations! I will never forget my time in Haiti and am so grateful that I was given that chance.

One night, I was sitting outside enjoying the beautiful stars and started thinking about the road that led me to where I am now and was totally overwhelmed. God has truly taken me from the pit of despair and hopelessness and has given me new life! These pictures are from that amazing morning at the Matthew 28 orphanage! Thank you so much for your support for this trip, but even more for all that Mercy has done for me. My life has been changed forever because of all of the love and support that I received during my time at Mercy!


Kelly, we are so very proud of you!!! To all of our wonderful supporters, your support of Mercy Ministries is an investment in the lives of the young women we serve as well as all the people they will eventually reach through their own efforts in ministry. We thank God for you!!!