Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mercy Grads Now Ministry Gifts…

I recently received the coolest email from a young woman named Katie who graduated from our St. Louis home three years ago. Katie became friends with another young woman named Maddy while they were in the Mercy program, and today she writes to tell me of a special milestone that the two of them shared together with their now husbands. I think it is much more powerful if I let Katie share it in her own words and show you the pictures from the actual time she is referencing in her email to me.

Hey Nancy,

Today my husband, Lee, and his lifelong friend, Tim Nelson (who is Maddy's husband), got ordained as ministers at our church - Meadowbrook in Ocala, Fl.

As all four of us were being prayed over today – I couldn't help but think, wow, look what the Lord has done! Two Mercy graduates are standing alongside two awesome godly men who are now ministers. Wish you could have seen it! Whenever something great happens in my life, even to the birth of our baby boy Gavin, I can't help but think that none of these beautiful things would have happened to me if it weren't for what God did in me while at Mercy. I'm forever grateful to you and Mercy! This is just the beginning of what God will do through my husband and I and Tim and Maddy.


Katie and Lee with their son, Gavin

Ordination of these two couples

Maddy and Tim


Lovelyfaces said...

This is a very touching picture and testimony. Knowing Katie and Lee make it even more special as they are special to me. So proud of them as they grow in Christ.