Friday, April 29, 2011

Mercy In-House Reporter Interviews Holly Wagner and Mercy Grads!

Hey Everyone,

Eve here! I always love when I get a chance to stop by Nancy’s blog!

So, most of the time I wear my Executive Director of Communications hat around here and it’s a HUGE blessing, but on some occasions, I get to play roaming resident reporter... One of my favorite things to do by the way! This time, I had the honor of interviewing an incredible group of our Mercy heroes, graduates of the program, about our special guest speaker today at the Nashville home, Holly Wagner! Holly is a mother, teacher, speaker, author, leader of GodChicks, and co-pastor of Oasis Christian Center in Los Angeles, California, but she is also one of Nancy’s favorite people and a long-time supporter of Mercy. Please enjoy hearing some of her words of wisdom – I know it will bless your day – it certainly fired me up!

Thank you, Holly for investing your time and talent and pouring into our girls! Also, a special thanks to all of our amazing graduates who came back to visit today and made sure they didn't miss this opportunity to hear from one of the most gifted speakers of our generation.