Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Day in the Life

Today I am experiencing coming off an amazing night with the Mercy girls in Louisiana last night; but at the same time, I am now facing the challenging travel delays that usually surround the holidays. My flight out of Monroe this morning was actually cancelled, and then I was handed off to another airline which also had a delayed flight and I Finally just landed in Atlanta…so I thought I would do today’s blog on my layover.

I happen to have a 5:00 PM appointment today, but I’m not going to be landing in Nashville until 5:00 PM and that is if this latest time holds, so hopefully I’ll be able to make my appointment by 5:30 at the latest. At least I know that delayed flights are one thing people understand that you have no control over. We’ve all been there, haven’t we! Sometimes in situations like this, it all comes down to attitude. It’s important to just make a choice to be okay with what you can’t change. Seriously, I think our faith in God has to come into play at times like this. If we trust God to order our steps and direct our paths, then we need to not be angry at people who are just trying to do their jobs and get us where we’re supposed to be. The delays are certainly not their fault. It’s an opportunity for the fruits of the Spirit to grow in us and for kindness to rule and reign. We have to remember that there are other people in the world besides ourselves that are being inconvenienced. If we say that God is in control of our lives, then we need to trust Him when things don’t always go perfectly. That is something I’m still learning and I think that we all probably get tested on that at times. It’s a test that I would like to be able to pass every time and that is one thing that I’m working on.

I just looked up and saw a Starbucks so life is good again – ha! Look at the bright side – if I was rushing to make a flight, I wouldn’t even have time to stop and acknowledge the Starbucks, but because my flight has been delayed, I am just casually waiting in line to place my order. Can’t complain too much about that.

Back to my time at the Louisiana home – I was so blessed by the girls that are in that home as they shared with me the things that God was doing in their lives. They actually wrote a song and did this whole skit and performed it for me about coming out of your past. It was so powerful that I told them they should ask the pastor of the church they attend to allow them to do it for the church. It just really brought tears to all of our eyes, and we had a great time together. I also got to meet the latest additions to our family at the home… The girls have affectionately named them Isaiah Alcorn and Israel Alcorn in honor of me of course. I thought you might like to meet them so I’ve attached some pictures. I bonded with the new Sheltie puppies.

It’s just amazing to experience the unconditional love that is lavished on us by so many people who choose to bless the girls at Christmas. It is wonderful!! I have to go now because it’s time for me to place my Starbucks order, but I’ll talk back at you later. Have a great rest of the day and night.

Love to all,