Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things that make me smile - Part 2!!

If you’ll go back to the very first blog entry I did a few days ago “Things That Make Me Smile” (now referred to as Part 1), you can see that I told about a lady who called from Arizona to say that one of our graduates, working in a bookstore, shared her whole testimony about how she was set free from an eating disorder after coming to Mercy Ministries. This lady just called to brag on this girl named Erica. She didn’t know her last name. The lady had been praying for her granddaughter to get help because she has a severe disorder, so she called to get the application packet for her granddaughter and she told us that this girl named Erica helped her in the bookstore and told her story and that’s why she was calling. She said that since we had helped Erica, she was hoping we could also help her in her situation. So I decided to post about that because I thought it was so cool that one of our graduates was sharing about her story and encouraging someone else in their time of need. I posted that blog on December 4, and just today I got a message from guess who – the Erica that I was talking about!! Here's what she had to say:

Dear Nancy, Just yesterday I went onto your blog page and began reading your posts. I started to read the one on Dec. 4 "things that make me smile" and realized a few lines into it that it was about me. I was the Erica that the woman from Arizona was talking about. I was so happy to hear that she called and got information for her granddaughter. I really enjoyed talking with Billie that night at the store and am so touched that she was impacted by my testimony. Thank you for all that you do! God Bless. Erica

As you can imagine, we’ve had a number of Erica’s over the years, so I wasn’t really sure which Erica this was. I am glad to now know that it is Erica Lee! I don’t think she’ll mind me sharing this with you. Hope you are as blessed by it as I am.

Also, when I blogged yesterday, I told you guys that I would be sharing with you today about the amazing Christmas event we just had at this really beautiful hotel in Nashville called The Hermitage Hotel. We had a Christmas brunch for approximately 150 women. Three of our graduates told their stories, Point of Grace came and sang, and it was just a very special time with some wonderful women of all ages from the Nashville area who totally support the work of Mercy Ministries. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the pictures from this event.

Me with Point of Grace

Me with Graduates Monica, Ashleigh, and Kathryne

Finally, I just got a message on my Facebook page that I want to share with you. This one is really special.

Hi Nancy,
I’m one of the Sunshine Coast grads (in Australia). I am forever thankful for the vision God placed in your heart. Love and prayers, Lisa

It’s so cool that somebody that’s on the opposite side of the world from us can post a message and we can communicate in an instant. Wow, we have so much to be thankful for. Aren’t you glad we weren’t born in the 1800’s where we would be riding horses and it would take months for a letter to get to another country? What a world we live in! We are truly blessed.

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Genny said...

Hi Nancy,

I found your blog through the Mercy Ministries newsletter. I also have a blog (, but I've been taking a break from it to work on my young-adult novel about a girl with an eating disorder, inspired by my own experiences when I was in college. Just wanted to leave a comment and let you know I think you have a wonderful ministry.