Monday, December 22, 2008

Things that Make Me Smile- Part 3

Things that Make Me Smile – Part 3…

These messages I just received are just way too good not to share!! I hope you enjoy…

Ms. Alcorn,I just wanted to send you a note to say how much I have enjoyed reading your new blog and the other new Mercy blogs. I am a supporter of Mercy due to the fact that one of your graduate's testimonies allowed God into my life to have it transformed by Him! I had lost all hope and was in bondage to an eating disorder. I randomly contacted Becky, a Nashville graduate, after reading her testimony online and she emailed me back with the words that changed my life!!! She is now one of my closest friends and an angel. I have been walking in freedom for 16 months now and am spreading my message of hope to other women I come across and now have a circle of other friends walking in freedom from eating disorders. Because of Mercy changing Becky's life, she was able to help change mine, and this is why I LOVE supporting Mercy. I have also met on Facebook a few other Mercy graduates because of our shared love of freedom and life renewals. It's so good to have others who understand where I've been and have the same love and fire for Jesus!Thank for giving the gift of Mercy and allowing God into so many women's lives! GOD BLESS YOU!Dawn

Dear Staff and Mercy Girls,
I wanted to bless you all with an early Christmas present. I painted this picture especially for the Mercy girls. I want you all to know that God has been doing some amazing things in my life. He has truly healed me from my bondage. The love I felt there was pretty amazing. I know God can do the same for all of your beautiful girls. Continue to pull through and surrender your heart to Jesus every day. His plans for you all are so BIG! Don’t’ shut him out, but let Him in.
Sincerely all my love and prayers,

“We plan to hang this picture in one of our homes, where our residents can see it every day.”

Hello Nancy,I just spent the weekend with a few of my Mercy sisters. We had an amazing time talking about our time at Mercy Monroe, and all that God did in our lives. This morning I was reading the latest Mercy magazine and my heart was overwhelmed with the gratefulness I have towards God and Mercy. Thinking back to how life was last Christmas, it is TOTALLY different now. I am no longer consumed by depression and my eating disorder, and I actually want to get out of bed in the morning. God is doing GREAT things in my life and I just got a job offer to work as a nanny/teacher for a wonderful Christian family in the Houston area. Thank you again for following the path God had for you. You are making such an impact. My family thanks you as well. We are ALL thankful I am here this year to celebrate a new year, and the FREEDOM I have!!!!Many prayers and blessings to you Nancy :)Much loveEsther

Just wanted to share these messages with you. These are the kinds of things that truly make me smile and make me love what I do!! Talk to you tomorrow!




Kristin Stegent said...

Hey Nancy! Hope you have a good Christmas! If you lived near me, I would invite you to our house to hang out for Christmas! :)

Funny with my kiddos: Manning is really into saying "ewww, yuck!"...he says it for bugs, brown spots, anything that sticks to his finger. He walked up to a lady in Chilli's the other night and said..."eww, yuck!" ;) Also, he is learning that steam means touch. Everytime we go to starbucks, he runs around to everyone smoking outside and yells, "HOT! HOT!"

Tapestry was laying on her stomach playing the other night, when my sister-in-laws dog ran by...she belly laughed so hard over and over...for some reason she thought the dog running by was definitely the funniest thing she'd ever experienced!

Love you, Nancy!!!