Friday, December 5, 2008


I want to tell you something cool that just happened. We got a very generous contribution in the mail from a former resident in our Mercy St. Louis home named Ashley Hunt. Ashley first came to Mercy Ministries in 2005, and she now lives in California. I recently saw her at an event that I was speaking at in Sacramento. She came with about five or six other graduates, and they are all doing so good! Anyways, Ashley just feels a real heart to help other girls get the same help she received, and she started an online business where she sells cosmetics at wholesale. She just sent us a generous contribution, and I wanted you guys to check out her website so you can see what she’s doing ( I know a lot of you like MAC makeup, and so part of it is MAC stuff and other products that she gets from time to time. Check it out. You might be able to save some money and help Mercy at the same time. This blogging thing is new to me, but I’m excited about keeping in better touch with you guys.



Anonymous said...

I love you Nancy. You are such an example of faith and love. I can't wait to see what happens in the future with Mercy. Kate Fites and I had lunch together and shared how God has transformed our lives. We will be at the luncheon next weekend.

In Him,